Foodservice Packaging

The singular resource for your major paper and plastic items

Paper or Plastic Carryout BagsPaper or Plastic carryout bags

We offer self-standing shopping bags, wavetop bags, tshirt bags, and other styles. Paper shoppers with rope or flat handles. Working with factories that are in some cases AIB and ASI audited and approved. All bags done custom to fit to your take-out containers and make sure meals travel with integrity and style.

Trash Can LinersCan Liners

A complete assortment of HDPE and LLDPE sizes and gauges. The perfect items to bundle with to-go bags to leverage volumes for reduced spend.


Vinyl and PE gloves

Plastic CutleryPlastic Cutlery

in bulk or wrapped kits. Both PS and PP materials.


Plastic and paper straws in many sizes and colors


single dispensing napkins,